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We offer expert advice for personal tax planning in Montreal and Laval

Do you want to reduce your income tax bill? Accounting Montreal offers the best solution to get the best financial advice.

It is perfectly legal to undertake Personal Tax Planning in order to lower your income tax bill.

When it comes to Personal Tax Planning, our objective is to ensure that you receive personalized tax planning services tailored to your unique financial needs.

Using our experience, professional accounting knowledge, judgement, and financial skills, we will help you save on taxes, accomplish your financial goals, and preserve your standard of living while respecting the Income Tax Act.

We like to call it, the Accounting Montreal No-hassle Personal Tax Planning Service.

Don’t let the Provincial or Federal governments take your money for lack of tax of planning. Get informed and make sure you use a reliable and professional accountant for al your tax planning needs. We are here to help.

Opt for a personal financial statement preparation in Montreal and Laval

A Financial Statement is a formal record of the financial activities of a business, person, individual or other entity. This document highlights the assets, income, expenses and debts of a person or company to allow a third person or business to assess that person or corporation’s financial health.

Self employed individuals, professionals or rental property owners (personally owned) who need financial statements prepared must file their tax return by June 15th. However, any taxes owed are always due by April 30th.

A financial or business statement could be prepared in either of two ways. Either the client will do the bookkeeping themselves and provide Accounting Montreal with the yearly results, or we can do it for you, which ever works better.

Prices for personal income taxes which require a financial, business or rental statement, depending on the complexity, would range between $300 and $750.

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